Farewell Google Inbox app

April 2, 2019 has been announced as a termination date of Google Inbox , one of my most favourite mail clients ever.
It was sad to see the email service this good to be shutdown

How did Google Inbox was introduced

Google Inbox was originally set up as an experimental project years back by Google. It was built on top of the existing Gmail with an aim to bring new experiences of managing every-day email like following.
  • Each mail is treated as a TODO entry.
  • You clear an email entry by reading it with or without a response, mark as DONE.
  • You can snooze an email to respond later.
  • Don't have to worry about unimportant emails anymore. They never show up.
  • Swipe right to mark as DONE, swipe left to snooze.
  • The most ideal case is, you don't have any email to respond anymore.

Hard to use at first glance. Once familiar, you will love it

Google Inbox was extremely impressive. It changed the way of thinking about an email. You potentially see emails coming in to your inbox and clear them one after one until you are done. This principle is unlikely what Gmail is offering.
Once I got familiar with Google Inbox, I never switched back to Gmail.

Bundled boxes

Google Inbox was smart enough to read through emails of your itinerary or trip and compile an informative summary like following.
Purely impressive. You don't have to search through emails to see these. Time saver.


A heartbroken news came in as Inbox will be shutdown by April 2, 2019.
Usually, Google prefers having two similar products running in parallel, one as official product and another one as its nightly counterpart. In this case, Gmail is the official product and Inbox is just a shadow. It is clear to me that Inbox brings so much more wonderful and neat experience to the mail industry. Unfortunately it is not goining to live any longer
Gmail ports some features from Inbox to itself, however there is nothing like Inbox :(
Not everybody was lucky enough to had a chance with Google Inbox. If you missed it you missed something good for the good.