Geographical Heatmap of Programming Languages

Where in the world the most C++ code was produced from?
Of course, the popularity of each of the programming languages is not evenly distributed across the globe. Here in this project we are going to find out, visually.

Github, a favourite starting point

Github is the largest sourcecode inventory containing tons of projects built with a vast number of languages. Here it is a very good point to start the exploration.


The code

The code of the project is available on Github.

Downloading Github Projects Metadata

Github API v3 is a quick entry point to access tons of repositories without downloading the whole codebase. Passing in the repository ID to obtain metadata of a project which contains following information I need:
And with the same API, I can fetch the owner metadata which also includes location as visible from their profile. Some are valid but some are not.

Parsing Location

To plot the location on exact spots of the earth we need to know the geolocation. To find out, I use Geolocation API of GoogleMap to convert from location string into latitude and longitude.
To avoid reprocessing which exceeds the quota of the API usage, I filter out some garbage locations and make them a distinct list first.


Google Heatmap API comes into play. Since the locations parsed from the previous step can be highly discrete and the intensity is a key.

In-Action Demo

Here the metadata of 117,000 repositories are ready to plot. See by yourself how the distribution of each of the programming languages look on our planet.