Data Engineering and More

Blog and side projects by Tao Ruangyam
a data engineer based in Frankfurt am Main.

A CLI Tool for Learning German

German is confusing for beginners like me. To help myself learning German and accustoming myself to the structure / cases / and conjugations, I made a quick command line tool to interactively correct the sentence.

Active Appearance Model : Re-invention on OpenCV3 (WIP)

Active Appearance Model is one of the most popular shape matcher based on statistical appearance and shape models. Most of the good opensource libraries are made years ago and here I want to re-invent it using OpenCV 3.

Vör : Knowledge Graph Modeling

Generating a keyword graph model which represents knowledge universe from thousands of Wikipedia articles.

Geographical Heatmap of Programming Languages

Finding out where in the world the most C++, Java, JavaScript, Erlang, etc code was written from.

Blog: Scala programming guide

Explaining Scala programming language concepts and tricks from ground up. Useful for those who started learning the language.

Blog: Farewell Google Inbox

A shutdown of Google Inbox left me a sad moment of losing one of the best mailing experiences. Gmail is no way near the class offered by Inbox.